Mitts and Calories…Huh?


First off, I finished the peekab00 mittens from this months issue of MagKnits.  I loooove them with a firey intense passion.  They were super easy and quick to knit and I love how they came out.  I used Pattons Classic Wool Merino and I have to admit that I pet them while I am wearing them. *heh*  The classic wool was an absolute joy to knit with and this is only the second project I have used it for but I can tell you that I will definitely be buying more of it.  It comes with good yardage and very little splitting which is something that tends to drive me bonkers when I am knitting. So if you want to try a good wool yarn, I would definitely give this one a try.  I have been wearing them non-stop for the past two days due to the frigid temps here in Maine ::I know, nothing compared to other parts of the US:: and the mitt still look good and the yarn seems to bounce back really well.  So for a super fun and easy knit I would definitely think about knitting these and I definitely recommend the Pattons Classic Wool.

And for my next trick!! Err I mean project, I am taking on Knitty’s Calorimetry .  After reading about all the gauge problems people were having I cast on only 100 sts.  So far so good.  I am only on the 6th pattern repeat and I think I am only going to do 10 instead of 15.  We shall see how it turns out. =)  Wish me luck.

I am going to try and get pics up of my mitts and calorimetry when it is done. After that?  I need to finish Sproing’s :::my 8 year old::: balaclava that I am making him.  I don’t really have a pattern I am just kind of winging it.  So, THAT should prove really interesting!


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