Wow, I really need to post some pictures!


Of course I am not going to get to it today unfortunately.

This weekend is SPA here in Portland, Me ~squeals like a girl~ and I cannot wait!! This is the first one for me but I read about it last year and saw how much fun everyone had. SO, I definitely don’t want to miss out this year. Only thing? Big snowstorm coming in tomorrow. Yeah, huge. Biggest one of the year they are saying. I already told TK, “Oh I am going. You may have to drive me but I AM.GOING.” =)

We took the kids ice fishing this past weekend up in Dresden. it was so cold but it was fun. The little ones and I left early and let the big boys “bond”. Next time? I am definitely taking my knitting.

So, we are getting ready to hunker down and weather out an Nor’easter. Can’t really complain too much about it because well, I live in Maine but geez it’s cold!


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