Maybe socks aren’t so bad?


On Friday evening I started a pair of socks for her highness.  I was done with them by Sunday morning.  I could have been done with them on Saturday night but I got caught up in watching a V!n D!esel movie.  Yeah it was awful but he looked and sounded might good in it.  So, socks! They were super easy!  Don’t get me wrong, these weren’t difficult socks and they were for a 2 year old for pities sake but still.  The  yarn is Plymouth Jelli Beanz in pinks of course because everything for HRH is done in pink. =)  Anyhow, I didn’t screw up the heel like I figured I would and it basically wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be.  I have a ton of sock yarn in my stash bought because I liked it, but now?  I might just have to make socks out of it.  I had been looking for patterns that suggested sock yarn.  But hey, I just might have to do socks with sock yarn.  Go figure. =)




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  1. Such cute little pink feet!
    Oh dear, you are headed down a dark path indeed. Once you start socks, it’s all over. It’s not too late: have you seen the sock yarn hat? They give it out free at Quiltessentials when you buy sock yarn, but I hear that it’s also available online…

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