And Sometimes


When we pick up some yarn and some needles to knit, we do it for all sorts of reasons.  The kids need hats, you want some mittens that match your coat, you saw a sweater pattern that you MUST make for your niece’s brother’s uncle’s baby.  And sometimes you knit for compassion.  I have a friend at work who just found out that her mother has terminal cancer.  If she has surgery she has two months, without the surgery she has two weeks.  There is still some talk about possibly trying to treat the cance but that is another story.  K was talking about how they bought her mother a hat because she couldn’t abide her hair always doing the bed head thing.  At first my thought was to make her a lap blanket, something to keep her warm and honestly?  I don’t think I have time to make it.  So I thought I would make her a hat.  I am making her Grumperina’s Odessa hat only without the beads.  I bought some yarn that was soft and machine washable, because really?  Who is going to want to fiddle with handwashing it at this time when all time for this family is precious right?  I can’t remember the yarn right now but I will take a picture of the hat when I am done.  I feel so helpless to help K and her family and yet when I am knitting on this hat I feel like I am doing something.  Not a huge something mind you but a little something to let her know that I am thinking about her and her family. ~sigh~ Life can be a bitch sometimes huh? So, here I sit, thankful for my family’s health, knitting this hat for someone who is at the end of her life, and hoping she goes with peace and love.


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