Wee Tiny Sock Swap



Weeeeee, I am doing Emily’s Wee Tiny Sock Swap. How fun! How easy!! How wee tiny! =) Want to sign up? Go here . Do it! You know you want to! =)


The Spring Knitty is up!! I have already started on this for HRH. It is knitting up rather quickly and it is really easy. I am in love with most of the patterns in this issue. ~le sigh~ So many wanna knits so little time. =)


I finished the Odessa that I knit for my friends mother. I will post pictures of that soon.


Conversation between TK and I this morning:

Him: ~whine~ I used to be able to hop over things with ease. Now I creak and crack when I do it.

Me: Uhm honey, that’s what happens when you get old.

Him: OLD? Hell I haven’t even hit mid life crisis yet.

Me: Oh yesyouhave! You got chickens when you went through it.


Needless to say he didn’t think it was very funny. But honestly it was. ~grin~


As for me? Last night I went to fill up my car during my dinner break at work and well, let’s just say the cold must be getting to me. Seriously, it is really cold up here in Maine this week. Highs in the single digit range. So, there I am, at the gas station and the little door to my gas tank won’t pop open. Crap!! So I go back to work, call TK and ask if he has any special little tricks that might help. I was told in the truck there should be a cable right around where the gas tank is that I can pull and it will release it. Uhm, yeah. I couldn’t see it/get to it/didn’t want to rip apart the lining to my truck. So, uh, I kicked the little door. That didn’t help. So I keep pulling the little lever in the car, which conincidentally is right next to the one that releases the trunk. You know where this is going right? Yeah I was pulling the wrong lever. ~sigh~


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  1. I can so relate to the gas talk/trunk release thing! It took me a while to get the chickens thing. Don’t most guys buy a red convertible?

    Can’t do tiny sock swap. Just can’t. I look forward to seeing yours though! You should come to knitting group at KK Wednesday night! Have you ever been? I wonder if we’ve met?

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