How sad am I?


I just now figured out how to added buttons on my side bar. ~rolls eyes~ =)

Hope everyone had a nice Easter. Ours was okay. The kids got sugared up and then refused to eat anything for the rest of the day. HA! I had to work so it wasn’t all that great.

Last Wednesday we had a nice snow storm hit here in Maine. Oh joy! The weather had been seriously teasing us because it had been nice and sunny. You could actually go outside with a light jacket or no jacket on. And then? Bam. SNOW! Bleh. Heavy snow too because we lost a few huge branches in the front yard. TK kept muttering, “I told her I wanted to cut those trees down but oh nooo and now look.” Yah yah whatever. =)

Knitting has been going on. I am making some socks for TK because he has been bugging me about it. =) I am using the campfire sock pattern from Cider Moon and so far I love the pattern. Well written and even a goof like me can figure it out.


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  1. I hope you didn’t lose power in the latest storm. We didn’t but several friends (one in your town) lost theirs. We did lose several branches on the tall old white pine in our yard that scares the bejeeezes out of me!

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