Spring it seems is finally here in Maine!! Yay!  It is absolutely glorious outside and I HATE having to go to work with it so nice out.  As it is I had to call out twice last week for strep throat.  Yes, yours truly had strep throat.  Dare I say it was awful!!  Just bleh!  But, I’m so much better now.

So onto the knitting!!  Last Tuesday a friend of mine from work asked me to make a hat for a baby girl that her friend just had.  OOHHH  YES!! I wasn’t up to speed on knitting baby hats when HRH was born, I was still mostly working on looooong scarves and baby blankets, so this was a treat!  I made the upside down daisy hat from the book Itty Bitty Hats .  I absolutely love this book.  I have made two of the little boys hats in it so far but was thrilled to be able to make one of the cutesy girlie ones.


The booties were a really really simple pattern I found somewhere on the ‘net.  I have been wanting to make booties for ever.  Or at least try to knit some.  Everyone at work around me is either having a baby or knows someone who is having a baby.

I finished the pinwheel blanket for J’s new nephew.  I of course forgot to take a picture of it.  J  says that he will get a picture of G w/his new blankie as soon as he can.  I didn’t make the blanket huge, mostly because I was getting bored and running out of  yarn.  I figure it’s the perfect size for a car blanket.  Hopefully G will like it.

Well I am off to soak up some sun and weed some of my front gardens.  I am dying to do some major revamping in there.  Hopefully this weekend. =)


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  1. Oh! I tried to buy that book on Zooba, but they sold out before it came up on my reading list! Maybe it will show up at Jo-Ann’s someday. Cute booties! Sorry you had strep – but how convenient ;). Hope you are having fun in your garden. Looks like a cold spell is coming – perfect opportunity to play with yarn again!

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