How in the heck did it get to be July 16th already? Seriously. When exactly did that happen? Sheesh. I have been super busy though. Summer is the time of birthdays for us, with one in June, three in July and one in August. Oh yeah summer time is busy busy busy birthday time.

That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been knitting because believe me I have. I am also in Emily’s Dish Rag Tag which starts August first. I have been on Ravelry fooling around on there. I don’t have any friends which is rather sad and pathetic and the fact that I just realized this makes it funny. =)

I also signed up for MS3 but haven’t gotten my yarn yet. I ordered it from KnitPicks on June 29th, like a dork I put in the wrong exp date for my credit card so it didn’t get sent out until July 3rd and dang it if I am still waiting. I called KnitPicks and I was told they had 10-15 days before they would consider it lost. Call me crazy but uhm here it is July 15th and I still don’t have the yarn. The customer rep said I had until July 19th. It’s weird I have ordered from them before and I always get it super fast. Just bah, I really want to get started on the MS3 and it’s frustrating. I know I could use some yarn out of my stash or heck run up to Korner Knitters up the road but I really fell for the yarn I found on KP. Bugger, I hate waiting. =)

So, if you are on Ravelry friend me so I don’t look quite so pathetic! =) I am the one with cake icing in her hair marking off on the calendar when school starts again.


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  1. Isn’t is sad how fast summer goes by? It’s such a busy time. I must say that fall is my favorite season though. Not that I’m wishing away summer!

    I added you as my ‘friend’ šŸ™‚


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