Of course


So, yesterday after being a complete snot and fussing about not getting my yarn from KnitPicks, I of course received it in the mail.  I got Shadows in the Jewels color way.jewels.jpg

I love it.  It is sooo gorgeous and sofffft.  Now, I need to decide which beads I want to use with it.  I chose two colors one is a light bluish color and the others are dark iridescent color.  I am thinking the dark.  I would post pics of them on here for your opinion BUT danged if I can find where I put the suckers.

So, with that I am off to look for my beads and wind up the yarn.  Hopefully I can get started on MS3 today.  If not then, definitely tomorrow. =)  Go me.


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  1. Oh welcome back! I hope you are having a nice summer in spite of the humid/cold/fog/rain. Bleh. I’d love to be your Ravelry friend, but haven’t received my invite yet. I’m envious! I want to play too!

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