lame lame lame lame…


Yep, that would be me. I haven’t touched this blog in over two months. Ugh. Sorry about that. I kind of unknowingly took the summer off from blogging and knitting. As I was telling Tarilyn this morning in her comments, I TOTALLY need to get my knitting mojo back. Don’t get me wrong I have been starting a bunch of things, but finishing them? Yeah, not so much. I will start all gung ho and then totally lose interest. Oh I have finished some things. Like these

Baby gull wing sweater. A pattern that I got from my MIL a couple of years ago:

I also managed to do two dish clothes for the dish rag tag:

I did one at work and another one before heading to the post office the next day. Our team came in second place!! WooHoo. Go team XDR! =)

But really? That is all I have for FOs right now. How sad is that? Now with summer over and the kids back in school I am hoping to get back to my knitting and to blogging here.

I did manage to FINALLY get to Purl Diva in Brunswick Maine. Oh my gooodness. We had headed up that way on Saturday to see the Naval Air Show, but it was raining really hard so what better thing to do then stop in to see her shop. TK had said we would stop by after the air show but uhm yeah I knew it was going to be after four and she closes at four. It was raining! I had the perfect excuse!! =) I got to meet Ms Diva herself and Loki! Yes I was excited, yes I acted like quite the dork which is why I don’t usually say anything when I meet someone whose blog I read. TK outted me the fink. =) Then again she figured it out when I knew who Loki was. Lame dork yes that would be me. =) :::E, it was great meeting you and talking with you. Thanks for letting me geek out in your shop and smoosh on Loki. =) As for TK, ignore him, most people do. ~grin~ I will definitely be back in a couple of weeks when my MIL is in town!::: And don’t think for one minute that I walked out of there empty handed. Oooh no. I walked out of there with Lorna’s Laces in Sherbert colorway and Regia Sock yarn in Gryffindor colorway. Anyhow, if you ever find yourself up in Brunswick, Maine, her shop is a MUST stop by.

Right now I am working on Knitty’s Foliage hat, and I LOVE it. I am using Malbrigo’s Purple Mystery in worsted weight. Love it. ~whew~

Ok it’s Monday, I have had my first cuppa and now I am off to organize my kitchen! Don’t you wish you were me. Have a great week!


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  1. Hey! Welcome back! Love that little sweater – almost makes me want to make baby sweaters (for who though?). You must tell me how to get to Purl Diva’s shop!! I’ll tell you how to get to a brand new yarn shop in Portland… (tease).

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