It’s so hard to narrow ones self into a paragraph or two. Really, I think we are way more complex then that. Well, most of are. I’m not. =)

I am a mother to six wonderful kids and am married to a wonderful man who is very good at hiding his sweet side.

I knit to keep my sanity and because I absolutely love it. The feel of the yarn flowing through my hands, the sound of the needles clicking and seeing something come to life as I knit it all make my heart go pitter pat.

VIPs in my Life:

TK~The Tree Killer, my husband. He has the penchant for wanting to cut down all trees. Bah!

Broody~Our 17 year old who of course knows all, is all and no one can tell him different! He is actually a really great kid, just the teen angst is gonna get him duct taped inside a very dark closet if he doesn’t watch out! =) How in the world did I get to be the mother of a 17 year old.  That isn’t right.  Sheesh

Chatterbox~13 year old son. He does not shut up. I kid you not. This kid is ALWAYS talking. But he is a sweetie and very sensitive. I think I’ll keep him. =)

Sproing~8 year old son. We call him sproing because he is like a too tightly wound spring and they noise they make when then come loose. That is him. Full of energy and inquisitiveness. He makes me play pirates with him, pretend to be a frog and makes me want to be just like him when I grow up.

Evil Genius and Golden Boy~ 5 year old twits, err I mean twins. Evil Genius introduces him self as thus. “HI! I’m such and such, and I am an Evil Genius Ninja.” We are so proud. ~le sigh~ Golden boy is just that, blonde haired, blue eyed, I swear the kid glows, but don’t let that fool you, when he and evil genius get together it can only mean trouble. =)

HRH~Her Royal Highness. She is our 3 year old Princess of the house and she does NOT let you forget it. For being only three years old, she has her Daddy right where she wants him, wrapped tightly around her itty bitty finger. She can bring her brothers to their knees with a whimper or a smile. Oh the power this girl possesses, good thing I am immune to such powers. Uh right. =)


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