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lame lame lame lame…


Yep, that would be me. I haven’t touched this blog in over two months. Ugh. Sorry about that. I kind of unknowingly took the summer off from blogging and knitting. As I was telling Tarilyn this morning in her comments, I TOTALLY need to get my knitting mojo back. Don’t get me wrong I have been starting a bunch of things, but finishing them? Yeah, not so much. I will start all gung ho and then totally lose interest. Oh I have finished some things. Like these

Baby gull wing sweater. A pattern that I got from my MIL a couple of years ago:

I also managed to do two dish clothes for the dish rag tag:

I did one at work and another one before heading to the post office the next day. Our team came in second place!! WooHoo. Go team XDR! =)

But really? That is all I have for FOs right now. How sad is that? Now with summer over and the kids back in school I am hoping to get back to my knitting and to blogging here.

I did manage to FINALLY get to Purl Diva in Brunswick Maine. Oh my gooodness. We had headed up that way on Saturday to see the Naval Air Show, but it was raining really hard so what better thing to do then stop in to see her shop. TK had said we would stop by after the air show but uhm yeah I knew it was going to be after four and she closes at four. It was raining! I had the perfect excuse!! =) I got to meet Ms Diva herself and Loki! Yes I was excited, yes I acted like quite the dork which is why I don’t usually say anything when I meet someone whose blog I read. TK outted me the fink. =) Then again she figured it out when I knew who Loki was. Lame dork yes that would be me. =) :::E, it was great meeting you and talking with you. Thanks for letting me geek out in your shop and smoosh on Loki. =) As for TK, ignore him, most people do. ~grin~ I will definitely be back in a couple of weeks when my MIL is in town!::: And don’t think for one minute that I walked out of there empty handed. Oooh no. I walked out of there with Lorna’s Laces in Sherbert colorway and Regia Sock yarn in Gryffindor colorway. Anyhow, if you ever find yourself up in Brunswick, Maine, her shop is a MUST stop by.

Right now I am working on Knitty’s Foliage hat, and I LOVE it. I am using Malbrigo’s Purple Mystery in worsted weight. Love it. ~whew~

Ok it’s Monday, I have had my first cuppa and now I am off to organize my kitchen! Don’t you wish you were me. Have a great week!


Little Bunny F00 F00


I am in the middle of making a cute striped cardigan for HRH out of cotton ease but gawd knows it is going on forever, miles of stockinette interspersed with rows of garter, not so very exciting. Feh. So I searched for a quickie project and decided to do the Bunny Tail hat out of Ittty Bitty Hats, sorry to lazy to link, link in last post. =) It was easy, but for a quickie project, it took me a week to do simply because I just haven’t had time to sit down and knit. But it came out cute and I am rather happy with it. =)

bunny hat

Bunny Tail Hat from Itty Bitty Hats
Size 7 DPNs
Bernat Satin in white

Sorry for the bad light, it has decided to stay cloudy and rainy here today. Feh

Ok then~


On Monday, April 16th a Nor’Easter came sweeping through Maine. We lost power at 7:30 in the morning and didn’t get it back until Wednesday at around 11:30 in the morning. Fun? Yeah, not. The kids were all on Spring Break, they were not pleased. We have a generator so we were able to keep the ‘fridge going and a couple of lights so it wasn’t too bad. Plus? My “doomsday” Husband was all prepared. You see, every summer he goes through this thing where he puts water under all the sinks, makes sure all the flashlights have good batteries in them and has glow bracelets and necklaces for the kids in case we lose power. Yeah I am always the one scoffing at him and saying,”The longest we were ever without power was two hours for pities sake.” Uh, yeah I was forced to eat my words two weeks ago. =) Let’s just say it could have been a LOT worse but it wasn’t exactly fun either. You don’t realize how much you use electricity until you don’t have it. Blah.

Knitting? Oh yeah I have been knitting.

I finished the Cider Moon Campfire socks for TK. It’s rather odd, the first sock took me three weeks to finish. The second one? I did it in a week. I just knew if I set it down I wouldn’t finish it. TK is rather pleased with them, yet won’t wear them. “Those are special socks, Honey.” Hrm, I made them for him to wear. I have decided he is just weird. =)dadsocks0407.jpg

Yarn: Yarn for Sox in Charcoal colorway 1 /12 skeins
Pattern: Cider Moon Campfire Socks size medium

Over all I am pretty happy with how these turned out and I have figured out that socks aren’t so scary to knit after all. I can totally see myself knitting myself a pair of these.

I am also working on a PinWheel blanket for a friend of mine.  Actually it is for his brother and his wife.  Actually it is for the baby they are adopting from Guatemala. =)  The left on Saturday to go get him and will be back on May 5th.  It has been a long hard road for them and hopefully they won’t running into any huge problems while they are there.

Oh? We have a new member added to the menagerie. Actually we have five new ones but well I only have a picture of one. We were at the feed store because TK wanted a couple of new chicks. They had ducks. Yes ducks. Yes we came home with one. Yes it is my fault. But dang it he is soo cute. So cute in fact that TK had to go back the next day and get another one because well, you can’t have just one.


Meet Waddles. Yes Waddles. How cute is he? Egads he is a messy duckling but sooo cute. And the other duckling? His name is Peeps. Yes Waddles and Peeps. We needed more animals like we needed a hole in the head. But he is super cute! =)

Mitts and Calories…Huh?


First off, I finished the peekab00 mittens from this months issue of MagKnits.  I loooove them with a firey intense passion.  They were super easy and quick to knit and I love how they came out.  I used Pattons Classic Wool Merino and I have to admit that I pet them while I am wearing them. *heh*  The classic wool was an absolute joy to knit with and this is only the second project I have used it for but I can tell you that I will definitely be buying more of it.  It comes with good yardage and very little splitting which is something that tends to drive me bonkers when I am knitting. So if you want to try a good wool yarn, I would definitely give this one a try.  I have been wearing them non-stop for the past two days due to the frigid temps here in Maine ::I know, nothing compared to other parts of the US:: and the mitt still look good and the yarn seems to bounce back really well.  So for a super fun and easy knit I would definitely think about knitting these and I definitely recommend the Pattons Classic Wool.

And for my next trick!! Err I mean project, I am taking on Knitty’s Calorimetry .  After reading about all the gauge problems people were having I cast on only 100 sts.  So far so good.  I am only on the 6th pattern repeat and I think I am only going to do 10 instead of 15.  We shall see how it turns out. =)  Wish me luck.

I am going to try and get pics up of my mitts and calorimetry when it is done. After that?  I need to finish Sproing’s :::my 8 year old::: balaclava that I am making him.  I don’t really have a pattern I am just kind of winging it.  So, THAT should prove really interesting!