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Ok then~


On Monday, April 16th a Nor’Easter came sweeping through Maine. We lost power at 7:30 in the morning and didn’t get it back until Wednesday at around 11:30 in the morning. Fun? Yeah, not. The kids were all on Spring Break, they were not pleased. We have a generator so we were able to keep the ‘fridge going and a couple of lights so it wasn’t too bad. Plus? My “doomsday” Husband was all prepared. You see, every summer he goes through this thing where he puts water under all the sinks, makes sure all the flashlights have good batteries in them and has glow bracelets and necklaces for the kids in case we lose power. Yeah I am always the one scoffing at him and saying,”The longest we were ever without power was two hours for pities sake.” Uh, yeah I was forced to eat my words two weeks ago. =) Let’s just say it could have been a LOT worse but it wasn’t exactly fun either. You don’t realize how much you use electricity until you don’t have it. Blah.

Knitting? Oh yeah I have been knitting.

I finished the Cider Moon Campfire socks for TK. It’s rather odd, the first sock took me three weeks to finish. The second one? I did it in a week. I just knew if I set it down I wouldn’t finish it. TK is rather pleased with them, yet won’t wear them. “Those are special socks, Honey.” Hrm, I made them for him to wear. I have decided he is just weird. =)dadsocks0407.jpg

Yarn: Yarn for Sox in Charcoal colorway 1 /12 skeins
Pattern: Cider Moon Campfire Socks size medium

Over all I am pretty happy with how these turned out and I have figured out that socks aren’t so scary to knit after all. I can totally see myself knitting myself a pair of these.

I am also working on a PinWheel blanket for a friend of mine.  Actually it is for his brother and his wife.  Actually it is for the baby they are adopting from Guatemala. =)  The left on Saturday to go get him and will be back on May 5th.  It has been a long hard road for them and hopefully they won’t running into any huge problems while they are there.

Oh? We have a new member added to the menagerie. Actually we have five new ones but well I only have a picture of one. We were at the feed store because TK wanted a couple of new chicks. They had ducks. Yes ducks. Yes we came home with one. Yes it is my fault. But dang it he is soo cute. So cute in fact that TK had to go back the next day and get another one because well, you can’t have just one.


Meet Waddles. Yes Waddles. How cute is he? Egads he is a messy duckling but sooo cute. And the other duckling? His name is Peeps. Yes Waddles and Peeps. We needed more animals like we needed a hole in the head. But he is super cute! =)


SPA 2007


This past weekend was SPA sit and knit, and it was awesome! I have never been to anything like this before. I mean, I knit and I go to my LYS but I have never been to something that was specifically geared towards knitting, spinning, just everything. It was fan-freaking-tastic. And I can tell you that I am going to go to more of these things! And while I suspect it is more fun to go with a friend, I went by myself and had an awesome time. I looked around, I fondled, I sniffed ::yes I sniff yarn!::, and generally walked around looking like a rube but I had so much fun! I didn’t buy too much but I was mostly there just to absorb it all but some people, were definitely there to buy! Holy cow they had bags upon bags of things!! It was great!

And? Everywhere there was a free spot to sit? Someone was sitting either knitting or spinning. Seriously. How awesome is that? I watched someone spin with her spinning wheel and I think I drooled. *heh* I have a drop spindle that I bought at the Fryeburg Fair but I haven’t used it yet. Yes I bought some Romney Wool handpainted Roving from Spunky Eclectic so I am totally ready to try it out!

Also? I bought two skeins of Malabrigo yarn in Purple Mystery. Ooooooh sooo soft. I touched it in the Quilt Essentials booth and nearly lost my mind. It is THAT soft. Just….yum. As you can see from the pic below I really didn’t buy much but I had so much fun just being there. It was , as the 16 year old would say, “Freaking awsome!” =) Can’t wait for next year. Hell I can’t wait for the Maine Fiber Frolic!!!!SPA 2007

Just had to do it.


I just had to start a blog about my knitting. I really didn’t see any other way around it. Let’s see what can I tell you? Or rather what should I tell you? Hrm, let’s see

  1. My mother in law taught me how to knit about three years ago.
  2. I started off rather slowly making that one loooooooooong garter stitch scarf which I of course never finished.
  3. I have since graduated to socks, well I have only made one pair. But I am getting better
  4. I knit as a way to relieve stress
  5. And believe me I have a ton of stress
  6. Did I mention I was a mother?
  7. Yep, mother to six kids.
  8. Yes, six
  9. Yes, I do happen to know what causes this.
  10. Our TV was broken, what more need I say. =)
  11. I also work full time out of the house
  12. My husband watches the kids while I am working and vice versa
  13. I am going to be 36 this year, no I really don’t want to talk about it. Just send a lot of chocolate okay?
  14. I have struggled with my weight since I had my first child. It’s all his fault =)

I know there is more and I will get to it I promise. =)