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Talk about lame…


It’s been what?  Uh let’s see, ten months?  Whoa, ten months since my last post.  Wow.  What is up with that?  I even stopped commenting.  I sure didn’t stop reading though.  Or knitting for that matter.  =)  But wow, ten months.  Yup lame.  Well, uh, I’m back. Knitting content in a bit when I have pictures.  I am working on Helena from Knitty and I LOVE it.  Seriously, I will be back. =)




How in the heck did it get to be July 16th already? Seriously. When exactly did that happen? Sheesh. I have been super busy though. Summer is the time of birthdays for us, with one in June, three in July and one in August. Oh yeah summer time is busy busy busy birthday time.

That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been knitting because believe me I have. I am also in Emily’s Dish Rag Tag which starts August first. I have been on Ravelry fooling around on there. I don’t have any friends which is rather sad and pathetic and the fact that I just realized this makes it funny. =)

I also signed up for MS3 but haven’t gotten my yarn yet. I ordered it from KnitPicks on June 29th, like a dork I put in the wrong exp date for my credit card so it didn’t get sent out until July 3rd and dang it if I am still waiting. I called KnitPicks and I was told they had 10-15 days before they would consider it lost. Call me crazy but uhm here it is July 15th and I still don’t have the yarn. The customer rep said I had until July 19th. It’s weird I have ordered from them before and I always get it super fast. Just bah, I really want to get started on the MS3 and it’s frustrating. I know I could use some yarn out of my stash or heck run up to Korner Knitters up the road but I really fell for the yarn I found on KP. Bugger, I hate waiting. =)

So, if you are on Ravelry friend me so I don’t look quite so pathetic! =) I am the one with cake icing in her hair marking off on the calendar when school starts again.




For all of those who should never be forgotten. They fight for us and our Country. Happy Memorial Day.


Where have I been, huh? I got an invite for Ravelry and that is where I have been spending most of my computer time. I love it, so much to see and do. I am still fiddling with it but I am having fun with it.

I am actually knitting believe it or not. Right now I am working on a striped cardi that I found on Li0nBr@nd’s website in Cotton Ease ::which I love:: in lime colorway. I am also working on the BunnyTail hat from the Itty Bitty Hats book. The weather has been so nice here though that I haven’t wanted to be inside knitting but rather outside running and playing with the monsters. I do have to work later today so I am off to enjoy some time with my family, enjoy some burgers off the grill, and say a silent blessing for those who can’t be with their family and friends today. Happy Memorial Day.

How sad am I?


I just now figured out how to added buttons on my side bar. ~rolls eyes~ =)

Hope everyone had a nice Easter. Ours was okay. The kids got sugared up and then refused to eat anything for the rest of the day. HA! I had to work so it wasn’t all that great.

Last Wednesday we had a nice snow storm hit here in Maine. Oh joy! The weather had been seriously teasing us because it had been nice and sunny. You could actually go outside with a light jacket or no jacket on. And then? Bam. SNOW! Bleh. Heavy snow too because we lost a few huge branches in the front yard. TK kept muttering, “I told her I wanted to cut those trees down but oh nooo and now look.” Yah yah whatever. =)

Knitting has been going on. I am making some socks for TK because he has been bugging me about it. =) I am using the campfire sock pattern from Cider Moon and so far I love the pattern. Well written and even a goof like me can figure it out.

Three things


Right now I have three projects on my needles, I have a pinwheel blanket for a friend’s baby due in May, Monica from this issue of Knitty, and the Clementine Shawlette from the Spring Interweave Knits.  I am using my malabrigo yarn in purple mystery colorway that I picked up at SPA for the shawlette.  I love it and it is knitting up rather quickly.

We have had a tragedy here on the homefront and TK and I are helping the two oldest boys deal with it as best we can.  Needless to say it isn’t easy and it’s going to be rough around here for a bit.

Right now I am just itching for Spring and am longing for days where I can throw open the windows and let a good breeze flow through the house.

I am also in the process of planning on how to do the flower gardens in the front of the house.  TK and I pretty much ripped them out in the fall with the hope of replanting and redoing them this Spring so I am itching to get started on that. =)

And Sometimes


When we pick up some yarn and some needles to knit, we do it for all sorts of reasons.  The kids need hats, you want some mittens that match your coat, you saw a sweater pattern that you MUST make for your niece’s brother’s uncle’s baby.  And sometimes you knit for compassion.  I have a friend at work who just found out that her mother has terminal cancer.  If she has surgery she has two months, without the surgery she has two weeks.  There is still some talk about possibly trying to treat the cance but that is another story.  K was talking about how they bought her mother a hat because she couldn’t abide her hair always doing the bed head thing.  At first my thought was to make her a lap blanket, something to keep her warm and honestly?  I don’t think I have time to make it.  So I thought I would make her a hat.  I am making her Grumperina’s Odessa hat only without the beads.  I bought some yarn that was soft and machine washable, because really?  Who is going to want to fiddle with handwashing it at this time when all time for this family is precious right?  I can’t remember the yarn right now but I will take a picture of the hat when I am done.  I feel so helpless to help K and her family and yet when I am knitting on this hat I feel like I am doing something.  Not a huge something mind you but a little something to let her know that I am thinking about her and her family. ~sigh~ Life can be a bitch sometimes huh? So, here I sit, thankful for my family’s health, knitting this hat for someone who is at the end of her life, and hoping she goes with peace and love.

Mitts and Calories…Huh?


First off, I finished the peekab00 mittens from this months issue of MagKnits.  I loooove them with a firey intense passion.  They were super easy and quick to knit and I love how they came out.  I used Pattons Classic Wool Merino and I have to admit that I pet them while I am wearing them. *heh*  The classic wool was an absolute joy to knit with and this is only the second project I have used it for but I can tell you that I will definitely be buying more of it.  It comes with good yardage and very little splitting which is something that tends to drive me bonkers when I am knitting. So if you want to try a good wool yarn, I would definitely give this one a try.  I have been wearing them non-stop for the past two days due to the frigid temps here in Maine ::I know, nothing compared to other parts of the US:: and the mitt still look good and the yarn seems to bounce back really well.  So for a super fun and easy knit I would definitely think about knitting these and I definitely recommend the Pattons Classic Wool.

And for my next trick!! Err I mean project, I am taking on Knitty’s Calorimetry .  After reading about all the gauge problems people were having I cast on only 100 sts.  So far so good.  I am only on the 6th pattern repeat and I think I am only going to do 10 instead of 15.  We shall see how it turns out. =)  Wish me luck.

I am going to try and get pics up of my mitts and calorimetry when it is done. After that?  I need to finish Sproing’s :::my 8 year old::: balaclava that I am making him.  I don’t really have a pattern I am just kind of winging it.  So, THAT should prove really interesting!