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Of course


So, yesterday after being a complete snot and fussing about not getting my yarn from KnitPicks, I of course received it in the mail.  I got Shadows in the Jewels color way.jewels.jpg

I love it.  It is sooo gorgeous and sofffft.  Now, I need to decide which beads I want to use with it.  I chose two colors one is a light bluish color and the others are dark iridescent color.  I am thinking the dark.  I would post pics of them on here for your opinion BUT danged if I can find where I put the suckers.

So, with that I am off to look for my beads and wind up the yarn.  Hopefully I can get started on MS3 today.  If not then, definitely tomorrow. =)  Go me.




Spring it seems is finally here in Maine!! Yay!  It is absolutely glorious outside and I HATE having to go to work with it so nice out.  As it is I had to call out twice last week for strep throat.  Yes, yours truly had strep throat.  Dare I say it was awful!!  Just bleh!  But, I’m so much better now.

So onto the knitting!!  Last Tuesday a friend of mine from work asked me to make a hat for a baby girl that her friend just had.  OOHHH  YES!! I wasn’t up to speed on knitting baby hats when HRH was born, I was still mostly working on looooong scarves and baby blankets, so this was a treat!  I made the upside down daisy hat from the book Itty Bitty Hats .  I absolutely love this book.  I have made two of the little boys hats in it so far but was thrilled to be able to make one of the cutesy girlie ones.


The booties were a really really simple pattern I found somewhere on the ‘net.  I have been wanting to make booties for ever.  Or at least try to knit some.  Everyone at work around me is either having a baby or knows someone who is having a baby.

I finished the pinwheel blanket for J’s new nephew.  I of course forgot to take a picture of it.  J  says that he will get a picture of G w/his new blankie as soon as he can.  I didn’t make the blanket huge, mostly because I was getting bored and running out of  yarn.  I figure it’s the perfect size for a car blanket.  Hopefully G will like it.

Well I am off to soak up some sun and weed some of my front gardens.  I am dying to do some major revamping in there.  Hopefully this weekend. =)

Wee Tiny Sock Swap



Weeeeee, I am doing Emily’s Wee Tiny Sock Swap. How fun! How easy!! How wee tiny! =) Want to sign up? Go here . Do it! You know you want to! =)


The Spring Knitty is up!! I have already started on this for HRH. It is knitting up rather quickly and it is really easy. I am in love with most of the patterns in this issue. ~le sigh~ So many wanna knits so little time. =)


I finished the Odessa that I knit for my friends mother. I will post pictures of that soon.


Conversation between TK and I this morning:

Him: ~whine~ I used to be able to hop over things with ease. Now I creak and crack when I do it.

Me: Uhm honey, that’s what happens when you get old.

Him: OLD? Hell I haven’t even hit mid life crisis yet.

Me: Oh yesyouhave! You got chickens when you went through it.


Needless to say he didn’t think it was very funny. But honestly it was. ~grin~


As for me? Last night I went to fill up my car during my dinner break at work and well, let’s just say the cold must be getting to me. Seriously, it is really cold up here in Maine this week. Highs in the single digit range. So, there I am, at the gas station and the little door to my gas tank won’t pop open. Crap!! So I go back to work, call TK and ask if he has any special little tricks that might help. I was told in the truck there should be a cable right around where the gas tank is that I can pull and it will release it. Uhm, yeah. I couldn’t see it/get to it/didn’t want to rip apart the lining to my truck. So, uh, I kicked the little door. That didn’t help. So I keep pulling the little lever in the car, which conincidentally is right next to the one that releases the trunk. You know where this is going right? Yeah I was pulling the wrong lever. ~sigh~

Maybe socks aren’t so bad?


On Friday evening I started a pair of socks for her highness.  I was done with them by Sunday morning.  I could have been done with them on Saturday night but I got caught up in watching a V!n D!esel movie.  Yeah it was awful but he looked and sounded might good in it.  So, socks! They were super easy!  Don’t get me wrong, these weren’t difficult socks and they were for a 2 year old for pities sake but still.  The  yarn is Plymouth Jelli Beanz in pinks of course because everything for HRH is done in pink. =)  Anyhow, I didn’t screw up the heel like I figured I would and it basically wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be.  I have a ton of sock yarn in my stash bought because I liked it, but now?  I might just have to make socks out of it.  I had been looking for patterns that suggested sock yarn.  But hey, I just might have to do socks with sock yarn.  Go figure. =)